Guy on the phone said the cab will arrive in 10 mins, and 25 mins later the cab arrived.
late timing
Drivers are okay but I've had to wait many time more than half an hour for a cab on a week night after being told it would only be about 10 to 15 minutes.
Friendly, quality service. Best in the city.
40 minutes for a cab this morning, called 3 times LATE for meeting, thanks guys !
Absolutely terrible, told them to come at 9:30, nobody showed up so I called and they said they were waiting outside for 10 mins. So he said he would send another taxi as soon as possible. It never showed up
shit compamy
used to love this cab company over any other cab service in woodstock but absolutely ridiculous prices when i take a cab literally around the corner to macs and it costs me $20 ... at most it shouldve onmly cost 10.. how much are you spending on gas? like .50 cents ? unreal. next time i will just walk. very unfortunate for you united cab. i will be informing family and friends to just go with another company from now on. thanks for your crap service.
Always very friendly and never overcharge. I always use this company no matter what.
I got overly charged last night, i got a cab ride home with these guys and they all got dropped off at their homes and only paid $2 and I got dropped off at home and paid $30. This is the last time i'm ever using United Cab
Worst experience ever. Tried using them to leave the hospital after surgery. Apparently the doctors didnt get me downstairs quick enough and when asked for another I was refused a cab. I'm sorry but coming out of surgery I couldn't run down to catch it not to mention the hospital called and they had to release me. Horrible customer service with no business ethic. Exactly why people hate taxis and are using uber and better ride programs.if I could rate 0 stars I would.
Usually a good company!! Need to hire more drivers or something tho especially for the really busy days!! (ie, child tax credit, odsp, ow, etc!) that way people aren't waiting 30-45 minutes or longer for a cab!!
Not the best. Told them we needed 5 seats and they showed up with 2.
Absolutely terrible service my wife was 3 minutes passed her time call for 10pm and when i called the dispatch i was told that i would have to wait another 35 minutes for a cab and got told to bad at which point i was hung up on that is terrible business practice i use your service a lot and will not be continuing to do so. Your company is hypocrites you can make people wait an hour but you cant be bothered to wait 5 minutes. Pathetic
Poor customer service and rude company! Never heard of a company bashing customers and their employees as well as employees bashing other employees and the owners do the same. They fire off good employees and keep the employees that cause the drama!
Have used service twice, once for grocery shopping and a second for a ride home from WGH. Both times excellent service and very obliging.